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Why choose Amazeinc to provide your internet solutions?

Amazeinc knows how to cost-effectively attract visitors to your site and convert them into customers, guaranteed! Most website designers only understand the technical aspects of the Internet. They will build your site but leave the marketing up to you. Designing the site is just the beginning! It’s important but it doesn’t bring visitors to your site. You need an internet strategy partner that considers your overall success, and not the completion of the website, as the desired result. We combine design techniques & marketing strategies to give your site the best chance of producing results.

Why should you have a web site?

In today's business world every company should have an Internet presence! The main advantage of the Internet is that even the smallest business can have a website to promote them for less money than any other traditional method. There are two main types of e-business web sites:

E-brochure - An Internet presence that provides information 24hours/7days a week. The primary advantage of an e-brochure web site is to gain exposure and expand business. Plus, with the ability to send and receive information via E-mail, you can target thousands of customers at no additional cost.

E-Commerce - Selling products or services on-line. The creation of an e-commerce site is more complex since it involves a complete selling process. Marketing strategies must be carefully evaluated, just like any other conventional advertising venture. Where and how to draw traffic to your website is a major factor in its success.

There are no short cuts to success on the Internet. It takes research, planning, financial support and time to launch a commercial web site. But the potential can be realized!

What is involved in getting a website?

This depends on whether you already have a business that you want to get a website or if you are starting a new internet business from concept. In general, getting a website involves the following steps:

Determine purpose - Do you want to expand business? Launch a new business? Make it easier to do business or just announce a special event?

Develop Website - Using state of the art web development tools to develop effective sites, we'll design your site with your artwork, photos and content or create it for you.

Select a Hosting Service - Ranging from basic services that just allow web users to view your site to services with advanced functions like shopping carts and secure transactions. Amazeinc can provide or recommend the best hosting service for you.

Promote & Maintain site - Amazeinc will upload, test and verify that your site is functioning properly. Assist in developing a cost-effective promotion strategy and make periodic updates. When you need to expand your site's capabilities, we'll be there to help.

How much does it cost to have a website?

This is easy to answer if you know exactly what you want. Unfortunately most businesses are not sure where to start on the Internet. Costs can range from as little as $100 for training to design your site or for recommendations to promote your site. The typical e-brochure site is 2-5 pages. E-commerce sites range from a few to thousands of pages and usually include shopping carts and other advanced elements. Other costs may include:

Internet Access - $0-$20 per month 
Domain Name Registration - $25.00 a year
Website Hosting - $20- $50 per month + setup fee (dedicated servers for large companies cost up to $200/mo)

Additional Costs (These are not required to have a website, however, these are the functions that can most affect your internet success)

Website Maintenance - updating content, e-mail management, monitoring performance. E-Commerce Services - credit card processing accounts, secure server transactions Website Promotion & Advertising - search engine strategies, banner ads, opt-in e-mail, internet classifieds, news group postings, affiliate/reseller programs, joint ventures, cross promotions, reciprocal links, giveaway contests, press releases & article submissions.

Amazeinc offers a Free Consultation to evaluate your current website and/or internet plan including detailed estimates to accomplish your objectives.

How important is my Domain name?

Your Internet "name" or the URL address of your web site is very important. Domain names allow computers on the Internet to find your site. If you are a branded name then it is probably better to include your brand in your domain name for example XYZ Brand might register a domain like However if you are like most small business owners your customers are more likely to find you by what you do than by your name. In that case a domain like might be better.

What is Website Hosting and which service should you use?

Hosting is a service providing dedicated server space which stores each individual web page code and is accessed through your Internet Address or URL. Hosting services normally don't offer Internet dial-up access. They concentrate on services like email POP accounts, secure credit card transactions and shopping cart catalogs. Prices range considerably depending on your needs. There are services on the web who advertise "free" websites and hosting. However there are drawbacks to this alternative: Your site will include "their" advertising & your usually limited to using a site "template" with little to no custom features. If you want to do business over the internet you need a site that you fully control. We can offer or recommend the best hosting solution for your needs.

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